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    Comments: It's uncommon to meet physicians like Dr. Peers. I chose Dr. Peers because of his academic and professional background, having graduated with honors and completed fellowships at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio - which is highly rated as a leader in the country for conditions my husband and I are challenged with. More so, I chose Dr. Peers because of how impressive his patient reviews are. After his work with me, I agree wholeheartedly with his patient reviews. Dr. Peers was able to diagnose my condition with confidence, intelligence and professional, frank candor. He also has an uncommon ability to be perfectly professional and warmly personable at the same time. He treated my husband and I like we were the only patients he had to see. Dr. Peers asked about us personally, even taking time to compliment my work as an addiction therapist. My husband - who also needs work on his shoulder - has met with three different orthopedic surgeons from Franklin, Indiana to Indianapolis, but didn't feel comfortable choosing any to perform the surgery he needs. Until yesterday. He chose Dr. Peers. I haven't asked my husband what impressed him most. But I’d guess it was a combination of things. 1. The trust we have in Dr. Peer's educational excellence, exceptional fellowships at Cleveland Clinic, and testimonials/reviews of his professionalism and practice. 2. His knowledge and confidence put us at ease. 3. Although his high level of intelligence is evident, he treated us with such humble grace. And warmth. And humor. And human kindness. Having had to have two painful injections (in my thumb and shoulder), Dr. Peers’ humanity made my visit so much better than it could’ve been. In a world where people are typically busy and unconcerned, it warmed my heart to feel that Dr. Peers undoubtedly cared. I was so nervous about the thumb injection, I jerked before he even stuck me! Yet still, Dr. Peers so warmly apologized. And took a moment preparing me for the shot again. After the thumb injection, Dr. Peers offered me time - if I thought I needed it - to gather myself before he injected my shoulder. Doctors typically don't do that. Being a health provider myself, I know time spent with patients is often monitored, with efficiency being more important than courteous care. Perhaps the reason my husband chose Dr. Peers as his surgeon going forward was because he sensed exactly what I felt: a high level of intelligence blended with patience. Dr. Peers answered every one our questions in a way we could clearly understand. And he provided advice he didn't have to. He showed a lot of compassion, shared comforting assurance, a caring spirit and he provided some physical comfort as he injected my thumb and my shoulder. I've never had a doctor care as much. Whatever the reason my husband chose Dr. Peers as his surgeon going forward, I’m so thankful to have met Dr. Peers and I trust him wholeheartedly with my family's care.